HR Software for Hiring Management and Other HR Processes

Hiring Management and HR Processes Are Your Challenge

Managing employee information, from “hire to retire”, is a real business challenge.

Hiring an employee is a complex cycle that includes job posting, handling job applications and managing resume data, interviewing candidates, managing and tracking the whole recruitment process, selecting the best employee and, finally, dealing with all the onboarding issues. Efficient hiring management is vital for every business, but to be able to cultivate best recruiting practices HR managers definitely need the right tools.

Further, HR departments have to administer a plethora of employee related information, including personal data, professional experience, training received, payroll data, vacation time, sick time, etc... HR specialists are also responsible for managing a wide range of complex approval processes and requests. Many of these processes are standard and must comply with policies and regulations. In practice, numerous employee files (both active and inactive) are often housed in multiple locations without any centralized management. Kept in file cabinets or off-site storage facilities, often copied and sent from one location to another, employee information can result in substantial costs and delays to the organization.

Using innovative hiring management systems and HR software will help your specialists realize the company's full potential. Your ideal HR software should be a complete and agile solution for managing recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes to help you make better hires and realize efficiencies at every step of the HR process.

Orienge HR Software Is Your Solution

To make hiring management easier, optimize and automate a variety of HR processes, Orienge offers you seasoned software for HR management.

HR Processes Management screen Orienge HR software is aimed at streamlining HR department processes and procedures.

The solution ensures an effective organization of processes related to recruiting, hiring, training, promoting, separating, and retiring of your staff.

  • Orienge HR software simplifies and improves your recruiting procedures.
  • Using Orienge’s system for hiring management you streamline and accelerate job creation and postings.
  • With Orienge HR software you safely decrease time to hire new employees.
  • Orienge’s Human Resource Information System (HRIS) allows you to reduce hiring, training and retirement costs.
  • Orienge HR software helps you minimize HR management risks.
HR Processes Management screen With Orienge HR Processes Management, employee data is securely protected, while easily accessible to HR specialists and top-managers.

As job applicant/ employee lifecycle management is a key business processes, a comprehensive ECM strategy should take into account the requirements and regulations pertaining to managing HR documents and processes.

The Conterra ECM system extends its robust Enterprise Content Management capabilities to deliver rich functionality to HR professionals. This results in tremendous efficiencies and significant savings for HR business processes from hiring management to employee file management.

Watch the video demonstration and get started with Orienge HR Processes Management, powerful ECM software to optimize your business.

Time, Money & Efficiency are Your Benefits

To help evaluate your HR software effectiveness, we have quantified the following performance indicators based on client experience:

  • Recruiting time is CUT IN HALF.
    HR processes are more consistently managed. Organization process logic and relevant participants are predefined, and every step has a deadline. Openings can be posted to the website and automatically updated.
  • Information related to the hiring process can be processed TWICE AS FAST.
    Organization process logic and relevant participants are predefined, and every step has a deadline. Outlook integration enables HR managers to quickly import applicant information into your ECM system. Orienge’s software for hiring management initiates a streamlined HR process.
  • Onboarding processing time cut by 75%.
    Data assignments, such as creating user accounts for corporate software, entering financial information, assigning equipment, allocating workspace, and dozens of other vital onboarding aspects, are made concurrently from an HR controlled central repository.
  • Risks of improper disclosure are CUT IN HALF.
    With Orienge HR software, security around personally identifiable information (PII) is dramatically heightened by segmenting and controlling access rights to employees’ personal data. HR processes are consistently managed in compliance with policies and regulations.
  • HR management Total Cost of Ownership decreases by 70%.
    With all the solution implementation effects, the TCO for your HR process substantially drops.

Orienge HR Management Case Study

Optimizing HR management in an IT company. Improved hiring management, automated HR processes and procedures, action wizards, enhanced personal information security. Fully automated management with around 300 ECM system users.


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