Conterra ECM System for Business:
Agile, Powerful and Friendly

The Orienge Conterra ECM system, built and supported by an expert team, is deployed over a wide customer base. Our team is a highly qualified group of specialists with years of successful experience in the ECM arena.

Multiple advantages make this ECM system an ideal option for various categories of users: top managers; business users; and, IT specialists.


Conterra is a highly agile ECM system and can easily be adapted to any specific business.

  • Conterra includes development and integration toolkits with an integrated development environment and the high-level language to ensure integrated solutions development.
  • An open API and a broad set of connectors help to build ECM integration with a vast majority of legacy & enterprise business systems that are already functioning in the organization.

Conterra is an organic ECM system built upon a base repository with various powerful ECM modules and technical components promoting a wide range of ready-to-use business solutions.

  • Conterra is a complete and fully integrated ECM system, while providing comprehensive and easy-to-deploy document and records management solutions.
  • Conterra is empowered with an agile, scalable and powerful workflow (with complete rules engine) supporting both predefined and ad hoc routes.
  • There is a broad set of ready-to-use Conterra-based business solutions designed to meet specific business challenges such as contract management, AP and invoice management or records management.

The Conterra ECM system is characterized by a high quality of user experience.

  • There is a broad set of client applications that can be used to access Conterra components and services: Windows desktop application; web client; mobile solutions; and, an iPad application intended for executives on the go.
  • Regardless of a client application, a native interface is provided. With the friendly interface, users switch to Conterra easily and painlessly.

The ECM system by Orienge and Conterra-based business solutions also stand out for their high-grade implementation that allows enterprises to achieve maximum efficiency and best ROI. The key to successful ECM implementation is based on the vast experience of Orienge specialists, as well as a unique methodology built on the industry’s best practices. Depending on project, several implementation alternatives can be offered, from deployment by an in-house team to full outsourcing to Orienge or its partners.

With all these evident advantages, Conterra components and services are characterized by attractive prices and flexible licensing schemes. There is no need to overpay for components that are not on demand at the moment. Due to the system extensibility, any additional component can be purchased and installed whenever you want. Customers get maximum effect with minimum costs!

Study ECM chemistry and learn what Conterra does for ECM.

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