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The Practical Side of ECM

  • watch live ECM demonstrations
  • get real case studies & practical examples
  • learn how to automate routine & solve user problem

“The Practical Side of ECM” Webinars

Attend a series of free online seminars entitled “The Practical Side of ECM” aimed at helping IT professionals and business users to realize evident and hidden functionalities and potentialities of Enterprise Content Management software. Every webinar of the series contains real case studies and live ECM demonstrations, and provides the attendees with practical examples of how IT departments help business users.

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If you are unable to attend a live webinar on “The Practical Side of ECM”, feel free to watch recordings of the webinars from our archive:

Three HR Tools to Enhance Employee Management

How to organize employee-related documents for quick access? How to reduce management requests for special reports with basic reporting and KPI’s? How to handle the basic employee management tasks to enable time for focus on advanced HR needs like employee development?

Get answers to all these questions from case studies and live demonstrations. The webinar is targeting HR managers and directors and reveals best practices for employee management.

Watch the “Three HR Tools to Enhance Employee Management” webinar recording

Three IT Best Practices for Document Automation

IT Departments need to provide their users with a consistent way to create all types of documents (not just complex documents like contracts), control access rights, and start collaboration processes (like work flow and approval) …in just minutes. This Document Automation webinar is intended to help IT departments deploy core ECM best practices to their users. Other interesting parts of this webinar include managing templates, controlling document lifecycles, applications surrounding documents and secure storage.

Learn how you can create an environment that gives your users a consistent process, saves you time and money, enhances corporate collaboration, and always keeps your company’s vital information secure.

Watch the “Three IT Best Practices for Document Automation” webinar recording