Orienge Business Partnership Program

Looking for Strategic Partner in USA

The DIRECTUM company, owning the Orienge trademark and the system Conterra, is looking for a strategic partner in the United States of America in order to develop and promote its Enterprise Content Management system Conterra® and business solutions based on it.

We have:

  • eleven-year experience of implementing our ECM products – DIRECTUM, Conterra and the systems-based business solutions;
  • more than 2,000 middle-sized and large customers in Russia, the Eastern Europe countries and the US;
  • developed network of partners in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan;
  • more than 250,000 users, administrators and developers;
  • unique platform for creating and promptly evolving corporate business solutions with desktop, web and mobile clients;
  • dynamic and powerful team of developers.

We are looking for a partner interested in developing our ECM product and implementing ECM projects at our current and potential customers.

We offer:

  • ECM system, adapted for requirements of North American customers, supplied with full documentation and marketing collaterals in English;
  • comprehensive resource and methodology help in development, support, promotion and implementation of the product;
  • possibility to obtain an exclusive partner status in USA

Concerning partnership, please refer to conterra@directum.ru.