from creating drafts
to fulfilling obligations

What Would You Amend in Contract Management?

Confidential information leakage

Confidential information leakage risks decrease by 90%

Fines, penalties
or lost profits

Up to 100% of obligations are timely fulfilled

Chaotic approval
of non-standard contracts

Contract approval process
is shortened by 2/3

Incoming contract saved
as a single paper copy

100% of incoming contracts are registered and entered into the system

Whom Conterra Contract Management Is For

Contract management solutions built on our platform are used in more than 700 companies across 5 countries.

Our experience and customers’ success stories show that

  • if your company makes more than 50 non-standard complex contracts a year,
  • if 8 or more employees regularly take part in your contract management process,

Conterra Contract Management solution by Orienge is right for you!

Download Conterra Contract Management brochure, pdf.

All Aspects of Contract Management

Conterra Contract Management automates a full cycle of contract handling from creating drafts to fulfilling obligations and closing contracts.

Authoring & Registration

A new contract is created from a template or a file. Incoming contracts can be registered in the system. Each contract’s record card contains necessary information: key attributes, responsible employees and obligations.

Approval & Execution

Contract approval (both within the organization and with an outer contractual partner) follows up strict process rules that can be easily configured. Contracts are sent to other organizations for approval right from the system in a format that is appropriate for a contractual partner.

The system controls receiving the signed document back.

Obligation Management

Obligations are registered in the system, and when the time comes, a responsible employee automatically receives a notification. All information associated with obligation fulfillment gets recorded. At the end of the process, a responsible manager controls completion of all necessary works related to obligations.

Close-out Process

The responsible employee is notified of the contract close-out. When closing the contract, the fact of fulfilling all obligations is verified and all corroborative documents are saved.

Audit & Reporting

Contractual processes may be analyzed from different perspectives and for different periods of time. For these purposes the system allows generating reports and using a KPI dashboard. With the electronic archive, particular contracts and associated items can be found and managed much easier.

Professional Implementation

Software provides maximum benefits when professionally implemented.

Just installing software with no associated arrangements can be insufficient. It often becomes necessary to provide training for key users, optimize contract business processes, configure the system, integrate it with outer systems, etc.

Orienge implements its products using a proven technology, which ensures getting real effects from the Conterra Contract Management solution.

You may choose one out of three implementation options: minimal, compact or full.

Options & Software Pricing

Software price depends in the first place on project size. Below you can see approximate lease option prices for on-premise Conterra Contract Management installations within projects of different sizes.


  • 3-5 CM professionals
  • 5-15 approvers
  • 200-500 contracts per year
Software price starts from $10,900 per year


  • 6-10 CM professionals
  • 16-35 approvers
  • 500-1500 contracts per year
Software price starts from $14,170 per year


  • 11+ CM professionals
  • 36+ approvers
  • 1500+ contracts per year

You are free to choose between an on-premise installation and a cloud option, and you can take either a lease option or a purchase option.

Also, you can select your optimum implementation package (minimal, compact or full). Implementation, training and integration add to the price above.

Developer’s Experience & Other Solutions

Orienge offers business solutions built on a platform developed by the DirectUM company. More than 1,700 organizations in 11 industries across 7 countries use software built on this platform, including Procter&Gamble (Russia, Ukraine) ProCredit Bank, Gazprom Transgaz Tchaikovsky, Renault Russia, Toyota Motors and other well-known companies.
In the United States, we offer the following enterprise-level solutions built on one platform with Conterra Contract Management:

Conterra Financial Information Management for accounts payable automation. Put together, Conterra Contract Management and Conterra FIM automate the most important business processes related to working with outer contractual partners.

Records Management
HR Processes Management
Meeting Management
Quality Management

Conterra fim