Orienge Quality Management

Meeting your customers’ needs is key to your continued success. For this reason, many organizations look at quality management systems (QMS) as a “must have”.

The Orienge Quality Management business solution allows your quality specialists to plan and execute internal audits, detect and deal with inconsistencies, take corrective and preventive actions, analyze consumers’ satisfaction, and provide objective organizational data.

Orienge QM software automates a significant part of quality specialists’ work, providing ISO 9001:2008 enforcement, and streamlining certification and compliance audit processes.

The Orienge Quality Management business solution provides for:

  • internal audits management, program creation & approval, participant notification, execution control, and result records
  • inconsistencies management, keeping records, analyzing causes, controlling corrective procedures, and detecting duplications
  • corrective & preventive actions management, including keeping records, and analyzing efficiency
  • corrections & reclamations management (i.e., keeping records, analyzing, detecting causes, and taking actions to improve customers’ satisfaction)
  • managerial analysis:
    • providing managers with objective data concerning the quality of processes
    • analyzing the quality of enterprise management system with regards to processes, departments, and standards
    • providing a basis from which to implement improvements, including improvements to the QMS

Meeting ISO 9001:2008 standards for document management, records management, corporate communication, process approach, and QMS analysis improvement, Orienge quality management software is highly regarded by executive managers, QA managers, and internal auditors.

Business Benefits of Orienge Quality Management Implementation

To help evaluate your Quality Management solution effectiveness, we have quantified the following performance indicators based on client experience:

  • Internal audit processes time is reduced by 1/3.
    When the dates and parameters of future audits are defined, the data is input into a special databook that enables automatic audit scheduling for a chosen period (a quarter, a year, three years, etc.). According to the approved audits schedule, the system creates reminders for the participants and controls the deadlines. It also keeps records of audits results and enables automatic reports creation and approval. Managers of any rank can easily access a detailed analysis of key QMS functioning parameters.
  • Audit reports preparation costs are decreased by 25 %.
    Orienge solution for quality management ensures regular monitoring of diverse performance indicators and empowers users with a wide variety of reports. Any information requested by an auditor is found and presented in no time, which significantly facilitates and accelerates external audits. Maintaining corporate quality management system and providing objective data for the management becomes much easier.
  • Corrective and preventive actions are TWICE AS EFFICIENT.
    A detailed analysis of inconsistencies and their causes provides a good basis for planning and carrying out effective corrective and preventive actions. The process of further fulfillment is monitored automatically.
  • Inconsistences fixing time is cut by 20%.
    With an expandable knowledge library, the speed of dealing with inconsistencies shoots up. The statistics on previous inconsistencies and their correction allow users to effectively analyze the current situation and carry out preventive actions.


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