Orienge Introduces New Business Solution Conterra Contract Management

New York, New York, December 1, 2014 – Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) presents Conterra Contract Management, a new business solution for efficient contract administration. Conterra Contract Management is aimed at optimizing key business processes associated with contracts, including authoring, execution and analysis.

Conterra Contract Management automates the entire contract lifecycle from creation, to negotiation, to registration, to obligations fulfillment and finally to contract renewal or closure. This powerful and agile solution allows handling all business processes related to contracting more consistently, confidently and profitably.

The solution is designed to significantly improve key business processes and is characterized by the following features:

  • Easy-to-use web interface that allows users to access enterprise content anytime
  • Quick and easy search by a variety of methods
  • Creation of special contract templates to facilitate drafting, reviewing, and final approving of documents
  • Managing necessary information in contract record card: key attributes; responsible employees; and, obligations
  • Customized contract approval process rules that can be easily configured
  • Control over receiving signed documents back
  • Recording and management of all information associated with obligations fulfillment
  • Preparation of various reports and KPI’s via dashboard on contracts and contract-related processes
  • Integration with Outlook

“I am proud to present Orienge’s newest solution Conterra Contract Management,” said Daniel P. Shields, President and CEO of Orienge. “Over the last years, contract management processes have become more complicated with many people involved in the review process and responsibility shared between managers, attorneys and administrative staff. We also should keep in mind that drafts appear long before contracts’ registration in the ERP-system, and on this stage they need to be managed as well. Our solution allows you to control all stages of contract lifecycle from initiation through collaboration, execution and close-out. The processing of contracts becomes significantly simpler and controllable.”

Built on the same Enterprise Content Management platform, Conterra, the contract management solution perfectly integrates with Conterra Financial Information Management (FIM), an enterprise-level solution for accounts payable automation. Together, Conterra Contract Management and Conterra FIM automate the most important business processes related to working with outer contractual partners. Conterra ECM platform, equipped with a powerful and agile workflow management engine, allows integration with yourexisting legacy systems. User-friendly web-interface provides access to information at anytime from anywhere.

To learn more about the Conterra Contract Management solution, visit Orienge official website http://www.orienge.com/contracts and fill in the contact form to get a free in-person demo.

About Orienge

Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) is a software development, sales, and consulting organization focusing on Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in the United States.

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