Orienge ensures rapid, consistent and high-qualified customers support that guarantees stable functioning of implemented Enterprise Content Management system, and favors its further development. With the highly professional support, Orienge customers reduce their risks, save time and minimize costs.

Orienge Support Programs

Basic Technical Support

Basic technical support is provided for customers having a valid subscription for updates on the Orienge Conterra ECM system. The subscription entitles organizations to receiving new versions of the purchased Orienge software. Every new version of Orienge product includes new features for users, administrators and developers; as well as system enhancements and interface improvements. New versions installment is strongly recommended, because older versions support is limited.

Consultancy Support

Consultancy support means answering customer specialists’ questions concerning the use of Orienge products, including application development. Orienge Conterra users, administrators and developers are provided with full and clear explanations of Orienge software functioning and settings. Consultations may include excerpts of the documentation, as well as information concerning specific functioning of the ECM software in the unique customer’s conditions.

Orienge Support Website

The official support website provides Orienge customers with descriptions of the latest versions of Orienge products; ECM software service packs and documentation; guidance on Conterra implementation, configuration, and administration; and, a regularly updated knowledge library with a collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) that provides answers to many common questions about the Orienge Conterra ECM system and Conterra-based business solutions.

Orienge support website enables users to submit support requests, monitor their processing, update, and close them. Users are provided with exhaustive information concerning their requests processing, including the responsible Orienge specialist, a complete report of customer-consultant communication, and the request solution.

With a variety of programs and possibilities, Orienge stands out for its highly professional support services, which ensures steady Enterprise Content Management system functioning and progress. Taking customers support as a top priority, Orienge keeps developing support services & programs, and focuses the efforts on improving cooperation with clients & business partners.

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