Qualified personnel training is the core element of successful implementation and further development of an Enterprise Content Management system. Paying serious attention to customers’ personnel training, the Orienge company has developed a set of specialized training courses and workshops. The certified trainers use unique methodologies and programs, specially designed by Orienge.

All students are provided with tutorials, and get official Orienge certificates of completion. After the course is completed, students can approve their knowledge of the Orienge Conterra Enterprise Content Management system by taking a test. If the test is passed successfully, the test taker becomes an Orienge Conterra Certified Specialist, thus receiving an official approval of the qualification.

Presently, Orienge offers a range of training courses, as well as tests and certification programs, for IT specialists and business users.

Courses for IT Professionals

  • Orienge Conterra Administration (3 days)
  • Orienge Conterra Customization and Development (4 days)
Conterra User Courses

  • Using Basic Modules (2 days)
  • Using Records Management Module (1 day)
  • Using Contracts Management Module (1 day)