Supervised Implementation

For companies who can apply a standard Enterprise Content Management solution and do not need wide customization and business processes analysis, Orienge is offering supervised implementation strategy. In this case, a company purchases an all-in-one-box ECM solution and organizes the implementation process itself. All the implementation is done by the customer’s employees. Orienge provides a project manager and a project support team.

Supervised implementation is recommended when the customer’s business processes match the processes configured in the standard solution (Orienge Conterra), so the customer does not need system customization and can apply the all-in-one-box ECM solution. Supervised implementation is applied when the customer wants to start using the Enterprise Content Management system with minimal costs, and can provide resources and qualified managers for independent implementation.

Supervised Implementation Fundamentals

  • The customer is fully responsible for the project success and takes it as the first priority.
  • The customer’s top managers take active part in the implementation process, as their authority may significantly affect the project.
  • Key users, who play a crucial role in the implementation process, are appointed thoughtfully and trained as soon as possible.
  • Main project participants, including Integrator Project Manager, have regular weekly meetings for discussing the project progress and making decisions on further actions.

The full scheme of Orienge Conterra supervised implementation process, as shown below, consists of seven phases and takes up to four weeks.

Orienge Conterra supervised implementation plan