Document Management System

Using a document management system you can make your business more profitable and protect your critical information. Systems for document management have the power to reduce risk of losing data as documents are stored in one secure document storage.

Quick Look at Document Management

Speaking of document management we think of great benefits we can get from managing our business-critical content. Managing documents is the process that involves a whole range of tasks, whose number and complexity grow with the increasing amount of documents. There is a constant need for searching information, keeping it up-to-date, ensuring its security and confidentiality, etc. To deal with all these tasks, the Orienge Conterra ECM system is empowered with the Document Management module that allows organization employees to work efficiently with electronic documents.

Document Management screen Orienge software for document management is designed to support electronic document processing as a whole form creation thru maintenance, storing and deletion.

Document Body, Attributes and Lifecycle Management

Orienge Conterra provides its users with powerful document management services. With Conterra document management software, organizations can easily handle business content.

In Conterra, a document consists of two parts: its content and its card. The content can be represented by all sorts of text, graphic or audio information while the card contains a set of document attributes such as its type, author, date of creation, etc. The attributes are used for searching and grouping documents.

Document Management screen Document card contains comprehensive information on the document including its author, the date of creation, etc.

Document lifecycle management is the process of managing the entire lifecycle of a document from its creation to disposal. Managing lifecycle of your documents allows your employees to save valuable time, and you can be sure that documents are located in one central repository.

Document lifecycle stages and their changeover logic are determined by the lifecycle assigned individually for every document kind (contracts, invoices, etc.). The changeover can be done either manually or automatically.

Document lifecycle management with Orienge Conterra enhances productivity and helps you cost-effectively work with your critical documents.

Document Versions and Shadow Copies

Covering the fundamentals of document management, Orienge Conterra allows users to create document versions and shadow copies that provide total safety of your documents.

With this document management software, your content can have an unlimited number of versions unified by one card. As efficient software for managing documents, Orienge Conterra allows users to create document versions of different formats such as DOC, PDF, ZIP, JPEG, etc. A document version can be edited by one user at a time; different versions can be edited simultaneously. When a version is being edited, other users can open it for reading, as well as create other versions.

Implementing a document management system, you can be sure that your content is protected. Your documents can always be recovered from shadow copies if you have changed or deleted them by mistake.

Content Security

Document confidentiality is ensured by controlling access rights, encrypting document content and logging all actions on documents.

Conterra users are also able to sign documents with a digital signature guaranteeing the signature authorship and the content invariability, which is often required by internal or external regulations. A document of any format can be signed and then exported from the system together with the digital signature.

How Document Management System Works

Document Storage and Capture

A document management system can be used to capture, manage, and store electronic documents and automate business processes. A system for managing documents is also used for processing high volume documents.

The Conterra system for managing documents utilizes file storage functionality that allows users to create and retrieve documents from long-term document storage. Storing documents in one secure repository guarantees their safety and makes the process of document search less time consuming.

Orienge Conterra taxonomy is represented by a system of folders. A folder can contain links to Conterra documents, tasks, jobs, reference records, component shortcuts, and other folders.

For an easier input of information from various sources Conterra Capture Services are used. The services enable mass capture of documents from scanners, multifunctional devices, file folders, faxes, e-mails, etc. Capture Services also allow users to preprocess documents, e.g. split a flow of pages by various attributes, such as a barcode or a white sheet, or a specified number of pages, etc.

The Conterra software for managing documents provides highly secure document storage and empowers users with Transformation Services intended to transform documents into various formats such us PDF or HTML, and extract the required information.

Content Search

Comprehensive search facilities provided by Conterra document management software allow users to easily retrieve documents they need. Supporting both attribute and full-text search, Orienge Conterra enables users to efficiently search for documents and other system objects. The document management system also supports a full-text search relevance mechanism analyzing the search results in terms of their relevance to the initial request and the user’s expectations.

Automated Content Generation

Conterra Document Generator enables users to create standard documents such as orders, resolutions, memos, applications, contracts, etc., with ready-to-use mockups. Every mockup includes text fragments (the so called macro substitutions) that can be replaced during document creation. The system for managing documents allows users to generate a document by replacing the macrosubstitutions with required data.

With Orienge Conterra document management software you get:

  • rapid data input into the system;
  • efficient search for required information;
  • quick matching of electronic and physical documents using barcodes;
  • secure storage for documents of various formats;
  • controlled confidentiality and access policy;
  • flexible lifecycles and document relevancy support;
  • prevention of document loss;
  • accumulation of corporate knowledge;
  • digital signature support;
  • interchange of electronic documents between organizations;
  • and more.

As a comprehensive document management system, Orienge Conterra supports the whole complex of electronic document processing, thus ensuring a substantial improvement to the organization efficiency.

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