Mobile Office

Use mobile devices or a tablet PCs to access Orienge Conterra from wherever you are. With Conterra you can work comfortably and continuously 24/7.

Orienge Conterra Mobile Solutions

A faster pace of modern life and ubiquity of mobile devices creates a strong and rapidly growing demand for mobile solutions, and Enterprise Content Management software is no exception. Mobile versions of Orienge products enable organizations to conduct their businesses in compliance with current requirements and live up to customers and partners’ expectations.

Orienge Conterra mobile solutions provide remote users with access to the ECM system functionality, thus making it possible to work on the go with multiple mobile devices. Mobile solutions enable users:

  • to access valuable enterprise content and participate in vital business processes 24/7;
  • to work effectively both in the office and on the go;
  • to organize collaboration for a large number of employees irrespective of their location;
  • to use convenient tools for processing business information and taking business decisions.

Conterra Web Access

Conterra web access is intended for users who rarely work with the system or use only some of its functionalities, as well as for remote users. Conterra web interface is maximally simplified so as to reduce data traffic and increase speed. All popular browsers are supported. Web access provides users with the basic system functionalities allowing them to work with documents and workflows from any place around the globe.

Conterra Mobile Web Access

In addition to the "classic" web access, Orienge offers mobile solutions for connecting to the ECM system via smartphones and tablets. Conterra mobile web access enables mobile users to manage enterprise content, keep the workflows running, and stay abreast of all the changes. Mobile interface is adapted for virtually any smartphone or a tablet PC, including touch-screen mobile devices or the ones operated with a stylus.

Conterra iDecide Documents for iPad

The Conterra iDecide Documents for iPad solution is intended for top managers and other decision-makers. With this solution, users receive a fast and effective way to review and approve electronic documents via an iPad. iDecide supports such iPad tools as commenting (both voice and text), drawing, and text highlighting.


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