Orienge Conterra Core ECM Infrastructure

Orienge Conterra’s core ECM infrastructure allows users to perform basic and most common document management, workflow management, and business process management tasks, while forming the basis for more tailored solutions.

Conterra’s core ECM infrastructure comprises three modules:

  • Document Management. Corporate document processing involves a whole range of tasks, whose number and complexity grow with the increasing amount of documents. There is a constant need for searching information, keeping it up-to-date, ensuring its security and confidentiality, etc. To deal with all these tasks Orienge Conterra is empowered with the Document Management module that allows organization employees to work efficiently with electronic documents.
  • Business Process Management. Orienge Conterra is aimed at improving employees’ collaboration, regulating and controlling business processes, automating creation, processing and movement of documents. Conterra is also equipped with a powerful business oriented workflow management engine that allows users to automate a wide range of other business processes not related to documents.
  • Key Performance Indicators Management. Business processes in any organization should be regularly estimated. Estimation makes it possible to judge whether the company is efficient enough and to take reasonable administrative decisions. The Orienge Conterra KPI Management module allows business owners and managers to measure various parameters of the organization, gather the statistics, and visually represent this information as charts, tables or dashboards.

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