Professional Implementation

Strategy of professional implementation is intended for companies who need full-functional potentialities of the Orienge Conterra ECM system and need a customized solution meeting the specific requirements.

Professional Implementation Fundamentals

  • The customer’s top managers take active part in defining the project goals.
  • The customer’s IT specialists supports the implementation process as technical specialists, so as to get ready for future unassisted system maintenance.
  • At every implementation stage, all decisions and results are recorded with an aim of increasing the participants’ responsibility, controlling the activities and deadlines.
  • The system is rationally adapted to the existing business processes, organization’s business model is optimized if necessary.

According to customization level, professional implementation can be either full or compact.

Full Implementation

Full implementation is a recognized implementation standard. With full ECM system implementation, integrator's specialists carry out a detailed analysis of the customer’s business processes, organize the whole implementation process, including professional users’ training & system customization. Full professional implementation ensures achieving the defined project goals and guarantees the ultimate project success.

In the process of Orienge Conterra full implementation, integrator’s high-qualified staff takes responsibility for all implementation tasks, including:

  • implementation organization;
  • customer’s business processes analsis;
  • users training;
  • solution design and regulations development;
  • participation in the system deployment configuration;
  • users support.

Full professional implementation is recommended when the customer wants to have a complete Enterprise Content Management solution within minimal time and from a credible integrator, and wants to be certain of the final product quality. This implementation strategy is applied when dealing with some specific business processes that can cause wide system customization.

Full Orienge Conterra implementation is based on wide experience, best practices, and approved management standards such as PMBoK & MoReq.

Compact Implementation

Compact implementation is intended for companies who can apply a typical Enterprise Content Management solution for their processes with minimal system customization. The methodology is based on decreasing the amount of integrator’s work due to the typical character of the solution and the works to be done. In terms of this strategy, major work is still done by integrator’s specialists, but the customer’s employees also play an important part in the implementation process.

Compact professional implementation is recommended when most customer’s business processes match the processes configured in the standard ECM solution, so that minimal customization is needed. The strategy is applied when the customer wants to decrease the implementation costs, and can provide resources and qualified managers for doing part of the implementation work.

As a rule, a standard solution implementation leads to a reduction in the number of participants. Also, in the case of compact implementation, the project team generates a limited set of solution design documents and user guides. Due to these features, compact ECM solution implementation allows consumers to reduce both the costs and the timeframes.

The full scheme of Orienge Conterra professional implementation process, as shown below, consists of seven phases and takes up to sixteen weeks. Depending on the customers’ needs, some phases can be omitted.

Orienge Conterra professional implementation plan