Orienge Conterra KPI Management Module

Business processes in any organization should be regularly estimated. Estimation makes it possible to judge whether the company is efficient enough and to take reasonable administrative decisions. The Orienge Conterra KPI Management software allows business owners and managers to measure various parameters of the organization, gather the statistics, and visually represent this information as charts, tables or dashboards.

KPI Management Module Elements

The KPI Management module is a part of the Orienge Conterra ECM system comprising a dashboard, and a variety of references, reports and scripts. The Dashboard is intended mainly for top managers and middle managers, and allows them to select the required key performance indicators and organize a comfortable layout of their values.

KPI Management Module Functionality

Orienge Conterra KPI Management module deals with the following tasks:

  • key performance indicators development and automatic KPI values calculation;
  • a clear visual representation of key performance indicators values, facilitating their analysis;
  • operational indicators monitoring;
  • long-term storage of indicators values, ensuring their dynamics analysis and reasonable administrative decisions;
  • adjustable settings of key performance indicators notices.

Key performance indicators are set by business analytics, as well as by developers or system administrators. Calculations algorithms and schedules are set individually for every indicator, and the levels of details can vary. The source data comes from the Orienge Conterra ECM system and other applications.

Information confidentiality and security are ensured by access rights to indicators, which are set individually for users (or group of users). Dashboard users can also access Conterra documents related to the indicators.

Periodically, the system calculates KPI values and collects them in the values storage to be then visually represented on the Dashboard. The Dashboard layout is customizable: with widgets users create individual interfaces with diverse graphic representations of indicators.

Benefits of Orienge Conterra Key Performance Indicators Management

The Conterra KPI Management software is indispensable for creating a system of corporate performance indicators that could later be used, for example, as a basis for the system of bonuses. The module is also of great help for project managers, as it facilitates project control and enables managers to notify the team of the project progress, including delays, indicators deviations, etc.

Finally, the module can be used for working with Orienge business solutions. Orienge Conterra KPI Management module allows users to process all sorts of indicators, thus being a universal tool for estimating the efficiency of a company.

The Conterra KPI Management module provides top managers and business analytics with:

  • a quick and easy access to corporate performance indicators;
  • a clear visual KPI representation;
  • extended possibilities for analyzing performance indicators;
  • an ability to gather and process data from diverse Orienge business solutions.

With all these features, the Orienge Conterra ECM system can be used as an advanced solution for key performance indicators management.

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