Choosing and purchasing the right Enterprise Content Management solution is the very first step into the world of ECM technologies. Next, the ECM software has to be properly implemented. Only comprehensive, precise and consistent ECM implementations help guarantee that the organization will gain all the desired ECM benefits and substantially improve its business process management.

The key to successful implementation of Orienge Conterra is based on the vast experience, as well as a unique methodology based on the industry’s best practices.

The implementation methodology includes a template solutions library, business processes analysis & modeling, transparent & effective project management practices, end-users & administrators’ training, and ROI calculation.

Depending on project complexity, there are several alternatives of Conterra implementation from deployment by an in-house team, to full outsourcing to Orienge or its partners

  • Strategy of Supervised Implementation. Supervised implementation strategy is intended for companies who can apply a standard Enterprise Content Management solution and do not need wide customization and business processes analysis. In this case, a company purchases an all-in-one-box solution and organizes the implementation process itself with the help of a project manager and a project support team. Supervised implementation takes up to four weeks.
  • Strategy of Professional Implementation. Strategy of professional implementation is intended for companies who need full-functional potentialities of Conterra and need a customized solution meeting the specific requirements. According to customization level, professional implementation can be either full or compact, and can take up to sixteen weeks.

Irrespective of the implementation strategy, a successful ECM software implementation leads to a consistent, confident and profitable business process management:

  • there is a single repository for valuable enterprise content;
  • the majority of internal documents are managed electronically;
  • top managers use the system for working with documents;
  • top managers use the system for managing staff;
  • all organization’s departments (C-suite and executives) use the system for their daily activities.


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