Orienge Case Study. HR Management

Company Summary

The client company is a fast growing software developer and integrator with about 300 employees, all working in the ECM system. The management in the company is fully automated.


The company was rapidly expanding and continuously looked for and hired new specialists. As the criteria for employees were quite high, only some of the candidates were able to meet them. As a result, the HR department had to deal with a big and constantly growing flow of candidates. At some point the flow grew so large that the HR Department, even with new managers, could not cope with processing and storing the required data on candidates and vacancies.

The project was aimed at streamlining and automating HR processes in the company, including creating requests for candidates from department managers, automating candidates processing (meetings scheduling, professional testing, etc.) and employment processing (specific documents and cards creation, login creation, wage assignment, etc.), automated handling of annual leaves, sick leaves, dismissals, business trips, etc. processing.


To meet all these challenges and improve general HR management, the company used the powerful ECM system that they already had. With its outstanding potential for building full-functional customized solutions, the system provided an ideal basis for a good HR Management solution.

Seven standard routes automating various HR processes and procedures were created. To make HR processes even simpler, several action wizards were configured: a wizard for creating and submitting annual leave or dismissal applications, a wizard for preparing and approving business trip forms, and a wizard for booking hotels, tickets and required equipment such as flipcharts, projectors, laptops, etc.

To ensure efficient storage and rapid access to information on company’s employees and candidates, thirteen different databooks and seven analytical reports were created.


All standard HR processes are now run automatically. Managers create quarterly requests for candidates to fulfill the vacancies in their departments and control the recruiting process using diverse reports. The processes of creating various employees’ applications and forms are now automated with action wizards and document generator.

Business process automation guarantees against skipping any of the mandatory procedures, thus ensuring internal and external regulations compliance.

Personal information security is ensured by segmenting and controlling access rights to employees’ and candidates’ personal data and encrypting confidential information.

As the number of job applicants is still increasing, the company works hard on further improving their management. The plans for the future include enhanced automation of various processes such as approving, analyzing and rating requests for candidates from department managers.

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