Orienge Starts Operations in the United States and Announces New Enterprise Content Management Software Conterra

Orienge, a software developer and integrator, is a new company providing professional services with Conterra, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, in the American market.

Saratoga Springs, New York, September 30, 2011 ­– Orienge, LLC is a newly formed and privately held company with headquarters in Saratoga Springs, New York (“Orienge”). Orienge will focus on the growing North American ECM market.

Orienge is aimed at solving content and process oriented business tasks by means of a powerful and agile ECM system named Conterra. The key goal of Orienge is to bring new opportunities to business owners and managers with ready-to-use and affordable business solutions such as Contract Management, Records Management and other powerful business process solutions.

Orienge has a strong partnership with international ECM software developer Directum. Directum has been developing enterprise software solutions for over fifteen years and is the fastest growing ECM provider in the Russian market. The Conterra system was developed on an approved ECM platform provided by Directum.

Conterra is a powerful and friendly software that allows businesses to effectively manage documents, all specific business requirements, and support business unique processes” said Daniel P. Shields, President & CEO of Orienge. “The rapid growth of content and tasks to manage content requires new solutions and flexible approaches. Conterra satisfies a wide range of business needs for organizations, regardless size or industry.”

The Conterra system will be available in the November of 2011. Detailed information is on the Orienge website (http://www.orienge.com/conterra).

Download the official press release in PDF format