Orienge Case Study. Invoice Management

Company Summary

The client company is a municipal facilities service provider with over 2,000 employees, including about 100 specialists working in the ECM system. The company comprises three subsidiaries: the headquarters and two branch offices, all in different cities.


The project was aimed at automating business processes at the company such as incoming and outgoing documents management, memos management, contract management, incoming bills management, key administrative documents management.

The project also meant creating a unified Enterprise Content Management space for users located in three different cities.

The biggest challenge in this case was represented by the deadlines: the company needed to have a fully adjusted and well-functioning system in just two months.


As the solution had to be implemented very quickly, but still retain the highest possible quality, the vendor’s experience and expertise played a crucial role when choosing the system.

To cope with the existing problems and increase the company’s general efficiency, a powerful Invoice Management solution was implemented by the integrator’s specialists.

The solution included several standard routes automating and streamlining corporate business processes and involving users from remote offices. It was also the integrator’s first experience of deploying the system in wi-fi networks.

To make CEO’s interaction with the system as comfortable as possible, a special application was created that allowed users to sign documents with graphic tablet PCs.


The project has been carried out successfully. All company’s subsidiaries now work effectively and efficiently, sharing one ECM system and unified business processes. All processes have been speeded up significantly, especially the ones that are started at a branch and then go to the headquarters. Company’s CEO is an active system user and enjoys signing documents with a stylus.

The company’s plans for the future are to improve and automate business processes related to calling of meetings, participating in bids, etc. It is also planned to integrate the implemented ECM system with the accounting system used in the company, as well as to develop an appropriate enterprise portal solution.

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