Orienge Presents AGILE Enterprise Content Management Platform Conterra & Updated Business Solutions Portfolio

New York, New York, June 19, 2012 ­– Orienge exhibited its AGILE ECM platform Conterra at the info360 Conference & Expo on June 13th & 14th inside the Jacob Javits Center along with an updated portfolio of business solutions. This info360 Conference & Expo explored and highlighted the convergence of technologies, information management and sharing, internal and external communication, remote employee collaboration, and content strategies. 

“Orienge and Conterra were a clear fit for this event,” Daniel P. Shields, President & CEO of Orienge stated. Continuing, “Many organizations have initiatives to be agile. In today’s knowledge age, the ability to transform information into insight in response to market conditions is core to this agility. We wanted to demonstrate the AGILE nature of our ECM platform Conterra and the way it addresses many of the important topics. With a large international history of ECM development and customer base behind Conterra, the response by attendees, press, industry players and other exhibitors at this show was awesome!”

Conterra is built on an approved platform, tested and used by more than one hundred thousand (100,000) end-users from over thirteen hundred (1,300) local and global international companies. Created to orient information and arrange information, people and business processes, Orienge Conterra substantially improves document management and streamlines business processes, thus bringing new opportunities and boosting an organization’s business.

Orienge actually asked attendees to challenge the Conterra’s agility. During live workshops, attendees made suggestions on changes to make workflows and Conterra templates more efficient. “This was the most fun of all the show,” Shields said. “Our goal was to demonstrate how the development platform and features of Conterra were AGILE. The attendees really put us to the test in front of everyone at the show! Clearly an AGILE ECM would enable those changes in a straight forward and iterative way. Conterra answered each and every attendee challenge, even when the challenges refocused the workshop into basic document management. I was so proud of Conterra and out visitors liked its flexibility and power.”

Conterra also presented basic document management, demonstrated its updated portfolio of business solutions, and addressed many specialized interests from information management specialists on topics like business process automation, Records Management, Social Media, and mobile applications. All of the Conterra presentation materials and collateral used during the info360 Show are available on the Orienge website (www.orienge.com).

About Orienge

Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) is a software development, sales, and consulting organization focusing on Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in the United States.

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