Orienge Case Study. HR Management

Company Summary

The client company is a large media holding in the field of I&R services. The holding’s publishing network encompasses 100 cities and includes a wide range of periodicals for diverse categories of readers. The company has a weekly circulation of over 2 million, with about 5 million readers.


Tracking requests for personnel recruitment and measuring the HR department productivity seemed to present real difficulty. As the company was stably growing and developing, launching new projects and therefore recruiting new staff, recruitment processes optimization stood out as a priority task. Apart from that, the company also needed to ensure its staff information security.

One of the client’s requirements was to create unified registers for storing information on candidates and recruitment requests, as well as for monitoring their status. The solution was also to automate requests approval processes and candidates processing procedures such as analyzing application details, preparing and conducting interviews, etc. Apart from that, the company needed automated employee hiring processes such as employment contract conclusion, workplace preparation, etc. Also, the solution had to enable restricted access rights to recruitment documents.


As the solution was supposed to be fully supported and adjusted by client’s specialists, among four different systems the company chose the one empowered with a developer tool. The recruitment process was thoroughly studied and described in details using modern BPM tools. To ensure maximum fulfillment of specific customer’s requirements, an individual solution was designed by the integrator’s specialists.

Standard candidates register functionality was expanded to store not only resumes, but also information concerning every stage of working with candidates, their salary expectations, notes and comments on their employment or refusal. With the new recruitment requests register, all candidate requirements, such as job duties, working hours, possible business trips, salaries, etc., could be efficiently stored together. A request could be supplemented with an unlimited number of associated documents; and candidates processing could easily be tracked. The solution also enabled users to import requests from Microsoft Excel.

A complex standard route was configured to automate the whole recruitment cycle, starting from creating and approving a department manager’s request for a new employee and finishing by employing a person and configuring a new workplace. Additional standard routes automated preparing and conducting interviews, collecting opinions on candidates and making decisions on their employment.

The solution integration with Microsoft Outlook application provided users with automatic interview scheduling. A range of reports ensured prompt and simple analysis of candidate requests processing. To enable automatic data update, the new system was tightly integrated with the customer’s domain structure.


The solution has been successfully implemented.

Managers of all levels now use the system to deal with vacancies and candidates. Due to efficient data storage and recruitment processes automation, the decision-making has speeded up, and the candidate processing efficiency has significantly increased. Using the implemented solution, HR specialists can now work on over ten job applicants simultaneously.

Having benefitted from this project, the company’s management now plans to implement other modules and tools of this ECM system to automate all key business processes such as contract management, records management, etc. The company also plans to approve this solution as a corporate management standard and integrate it with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

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