Orienge Case Study. Financial Records Management

Company Summary

The client company is a computer hardware, software, telecom & network equipment distributor with over 15 years of experience and an acknowledged national IT market leader. Its offices are spread across 24 cities, and the partner network comprises 8,100 companies.


Multiple financial transactions, with over 8,000 document packages per day to be processed and then kept ready for audits, seemed to pose a real challenge.

The project was aimed at creating a unified financial records repository, as well as at optimizing dealing with requests for archival documents. The tasks included: discovering existing business processes bottlenecks; ensuring structured data import from corporate ERP systems; establishing a process of flow document scanning and document images capturing; gathering statistics on pending and completed requests.


To achieve all the goals, a powerful ECM solution was needed. As the company expected to process over a million documents yearly, the solution’s productivity played a crucial role. Among three different systems, the one that has successfully passed all high load tests was chosen.

To import the required data such as orders, shipment documents, etc. to the destination repository, the solution was integrated with the company’s ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics AX.

ABBYY Recognition server, ABBYY FlexiCapture, together with built-in barcode recognition tool and capture & transformation services, enabled documents to be automatically captured and saved as scanned images in the repository. To monitor the imaging process, a special tool was designed.

For retrieving financial documents the reporting subsystem was used. The subsystem supported bulk document printing and their transformation into electronic form, including automatic inventory list creation. It also provided users with customizable analytical reports.

The core of the request management subsystem comprised a unified register and a specially designed standard route. The system automatically captured e-mail requests and created new entries in the register, linking them to the attached documents. The process also included sending request approval notifications to the requesters.


The project has been carried out successfully, and the company has got a unified repository for financial documents.

All incoming documents are now scanned and sent to the headquarters as packages. The capture service automatically sorts the documents, checks their integrity and fills in the attributes using ERP systems data. The processed documents are saved and kept in the system repository.

Paper documents from remote offices are now also processed in the headquarters. Archival document packages are kept in boxes marked with barcode labels, which allows company’s specialists to optimize check-in and check-out processes. The average time for document retrieval has been reduced dramatically, from hours to minutes.

Any required document is now accessible to both internal and external auditors, which leads to greater compliance with document retention policies.

The company is planning to conduct a retro conversion of paper documents for the past periods. It is also planned to implement the solution in other corporation members and company’s partner offices.

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