Orienge Case Study. Contract Management

Company Summary

The client company is one of the fastest developing subsidiaries of an international detergent manufacturer. It has about 2,300 employees, including over 100 specialists in different departments who work in the ECM system.


Several different document management solutions were used in the company simultaneously, which obviously complicated its departments’ interaction; corporate IT infrastructure maintenance was fully outsourced. The project was aimed at automating contractual documents approval process and the related subprocesses such as creating transactional certificates for non-resident suppliers and generating contractual department performance report. It was also aimed at improving the company’s business image.


To deal with the existing difficulties and improve the efficiency of the company, the disparate solutions had to be consolidated into one powerful and agile ECM solution. Apart from the general rich functionality of the offered system, the company highly appreciated the system’s flexible settings for contract approval processes, as well as the bar code recognition tools. So as to ensure maximum goals achievement, the ECM system was configured according to specific customer’s requirements and implemented by the integrator’s employees.

The existing contract approval processes were thoroughly studied and automated by a standard route. To ensure correct approvers selection, complying with the company’s internal regulations, a special financial responsibility matrix was elaborated.

To provide managers and business users with exhaustive information on company’s contracts, new card types were developed in addition to standard electronic document cards. Several new databooks have been created, and standard databooks were modified to better meet users’ needs. New scripts and reports ensured quick access to information and its simple analysis.

To meet the tight deadline, SCRUM methodology was used in the project.


Contractual processes have been successfully automated. All departments involved in the approval process now work in the ECM system, approving contracts and the related documents in electronic form. The company now has a unified contract approval solution; and the number of users is constantly increasing.

The company is now very much interested in exchanging legally valid electronic documents with the clients. The plans for the future also include acquiring other business solutions and developing extra solutions to substitute the existing two systems. The whole corporate IT infrastructure maintenance is considered to be outsourced to the vendor.

Having benefitted from this project, the company’s management now plans to implement this ECM system in other subsidiaries, thus providing a unified Enterprise Content Management space for hundreds of users.

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