Orienge Announces Telecom Conterra FIM Project
(Efficient Invoice & AP Management with Legacy Systems Integration)

New York, New York, June 13, 2013 – Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) is proud to announce our first telecommunications project using Conterra Financial Information Management (“Conterra FIM”) with Civil Solutions Incorporated (“CSI”) a single source, turnkey, telecommunications service provider with offices across the United States. Conterra FIM, released in March of 2013, provides efficient invoice and accounting process management. Conterra FIM is aimed at streamlining AP processes and procedures at all stages, including invoice capturing, validation, approval, analysis, and reporting.

Conterra FIM is a complete software product built upon the Conterra Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, inheriting the platform’s power and agility as well as the expertise of Orienge specialists and over 1,400 international ECM customers. Conterra FIM is intended for enterprises dealing with 1,000+ invoices per month and a process involving more than 10 users (including approvers). Conterra FIM can significantly accelerate the accounting process, making it transparent and reliable.

Duane Kingma, Chief Operating Officer, commented “CSI has been a fast growing company over the last few years having manually processed almost thirty thousand (30,000) invoices in 2012 and expecting a far greater amount in 2013. We kept throwing people at the invoice problem hoping for better control and transparency. We were losing this uphill battle and the ‘additional people’ requests kept coming. By using Conterra FIM, we see not only the expectation of control and transparency for our invoice processing, but integration with our financial reporting and inventory control systems. FIM gives our people centralized control of this invoice process.”

Daniel P Shields, President & CEO of Orienge, added “CSI’s growth came with many information management issues. We are excited to put Conterra FIM to work on CSI’s behalf. Integration with legacy CSI systems means more sophisticated checks inside the CSI business processes and also synchronized data sets.“ Shields continued, “We certainly respect CSI’s initial focus on invoices as a controllable step to solving information management challenges. We also look forward to seeing CSI take advantage of the ECM platform underneath Conterra FIM.”

Conterra FIM stands out as a powerful enterprise-level software solution characterized as follows:

  • Simple  web interface to facilitate accessing enterprise content
  • Variety of software & implementation options
  • Agility to adapt to any specific business needs and requirements
  • Ability to integrate with any other software solutions (ERP & Financial Reporting Systems)

More information is available at the Orienge website (www.orienge.com/fim). Feel free to sign up for a free demo, ask for more information concerning the Conterra FIM solution, see the slideshow or get the brochure.

About Orienge

Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) is a software development, sales, and consulting organization focusing on Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in the United States.

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