Orienge Announces Major Updates to Conterra FIM, Release 1.3

New York, New York, March 6, 2014 – Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) is proud to introduce the latest version of Conterra Financial Information Management (FIM), Conterra FIM 1.3. This latest release brings significant features in three areas: Expansion of approval options; Process Facilitation; and, GL Coding Support.

Built on the outstanding Orienge platform Conterra as well as the success of previous editions, Conterra FIM 1.3 brings more flexibility and major time saving efficiencies to the accounts payable automation process.

Expansion of Corporate Policy Approval Options. Many organizations require additional invoice approval options to overlay basic approval schemes (like ‘approval by vendor’ or ‘approval by invoice category’ … “Corporate Approval Policies”). In addition to the existing Corporate Approval Policies (‘Approval by Amount Range’ and ‘Approval by Several Supervisors’), Conterra FIM 1.3 provides ‘Approval by Corporate Hierarchy’ where approval thresholds can be set by the levels in your organization and utilized for additional approval options.

Overall Process Facilitation. Conterra FIM already automates the front-end (consolidation and capture) of the invoice management process. The 1.3 release brings options for automatic validation and automatic approval. Whenever an invoice meets all specific conditions, it can be validated and/or approved automatically, hence lifting the burden from AP staff, department staff and executives.

GL Coding Support. Prior versions of Conterra FIM established default GL Codes (obtained from ERP) for vendors and invoice categories. Conterra FIM 1.3 intelligently allocates line item detail of invoices to default GL Codes, including automatic summarization of duplicate GL Code allocations. The only thing AP staff needs to do is to verify the allocated costs.

“This powerful new release is loaded with features asked for by our customers,” said Daniel P. Shields, President and CEO of Orienge. “Orienge has always demonstrated its relentless customer focus by innovating and enhancing its platform/editions. Organizations contemplating accounts payable automation solutions will clearly experience the “advanced” benefits of the Conterra FIM 1.3 feature set. Efficiency and control remain the core values of Conterra FIM.”

More information about the Conterra FIM solution is available at the official website (www.orienge.com/fim). Feel free to watch our free demo and sign up for a personal meeting, ask for more information concerning the Conterra FIM solution, read the case study or get the brochure.

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