Orienge Introduces Conterra 3.0 for Efficient
and Effective Enterprise Content Management

New York, New York, August 18, 2014 – Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) presents the newest version of its Conterra Enterprise Content Management (“ECM”) system, Conterra 3.0. The latest release looks to satisfy user requests by improving efficiency through making the system even more friendly and advanced. Conterra 3.0 offers new scope for successful content and business process management.

The new outstanding interface allows users to master the system easier and faster due to its simplicity and enhanced functionality. Conterra 3.0 provides improved graphic design as well as revised structure and combinations of actions. All toolbars and main menus are changed to ribbons, which simplifies working in the system making it more transparent and comprehensive.

Conterra 3.0 brings new features and usability improvements to the current functionality. The updated Web Client allows for easy documents handling, ensuring their effortless opening and editing. All changes to documents are automatically saved, so that users can rest assured nothing essential will be missing. Thanks to the enhanced Web Client, business solutions such as Conterra FIM and Orienge Contract Management have gained crucial improvements to their functionalities. These updates provide an opportunity to make the processes of managing accounts payable, expense reports and contractual documents even more convenient. Conterra 3.0 barcode recognition quality and efficiency are improved due to the renewed version of barcode libraries. Now the system can recognize new types of barcodes, extending usability as well as increasing scalability and stability. The updated version provides an option of adding stamps to PDF-files, which contributes to faster documents processing. Now approvers can see a document’s current status as soon as they open it. New features and updates are also included in the new version of Conterra FIM.

“This powerful new release is an essential milestone of the system development,” said Daniel P. Shields, President and CEO of Orienge. “We have always been market-oriented in our product elaboration and monitored global IT trends. Further, we understand the importance of software easy deployment and use. With the add-on enhancements to Conterra 3.0, we focus on increasing efficiency by making Conterra more convenient for users. We are proud to offer our customers software that not only successfully manages their content, but also makes their working process more comfortable.”

About Orienge

Orienge, LLC (“Orienge”) is a software development, sales, and consulting organization focusing on Information Management (IM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) in the United States.

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